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What Is Reiki & Online Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy that can enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself. It can help to restore balance. It involves a practitioner channelling Reiki energy, either in person or over a distance, to the recipient.

Before our appointment, I will call you for 15 minutes. Then, you can lie down on a Bed or a Couch and I will send you 30 minutes of Online Reiki. After the session, I will call you back to check in with you, for 15 minutes.  


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Reiki can help you become calmer, more relaxed and less stressed. Reiki can also promote better sleep.

It can help alleviate pain.

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How Distance Reiki Has Helped My Clients

“Calming sensation right throughout my body”.

"I was having huge anxiety and stress issues before Reiki. During the Distance Reiki Session I can only describe as almost like a calming sensation right throughout my body. I actually felt so calm and relaxed afterwards. That night I slept the best I did since before lockdown. I would highly recommend Mivian"

Colette from Dublin

“Had my doubts about this working”.

"I had my doubts about this working, as I had never had it done before. I was so wrong to doubt it!

The first time I had it done was to help with sleeping. I was suffering from extreme exhaustion. Mivian started her Distance Reiki and advised I lie down in a quiet room. I could feel heat over my body and then work up my arms and legs. I felt very relaxed after this session and had a full and deep night's sleep after it.
The second session I had was for my back, I was in agony. I lay still and felt heat and massage through my back. It felt lovely. After the Distance Reiki was sent I was able to move more freely and a huge amount of pain eased considerably. I would highly recommend trying Mivian's Distance Reiki. It really does work."

Karel from Dublin

I have just been generally calmer and can't really explain why”.

"I got some Distance Reiki done by Mivian. I had been struggling with what some people refer to as burnout. I'm normally skeptical about this sort of thing but I genuinely found it to help with my sleep and stress levels. I have just been generally calmer and can't really explain why. I would highly recommend Mivian."

Shane from Dublin

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